General Application (Blue Collar)



Since our beginnings at Dr. Oetker, we have been breaking new ground. With pizza, cake, and desserts, as well as digital platforms and services – quality and an innovative spirit set us apart.


What awaits you? It's up to you! At. Dr. Oetker, you can actively shape the future – both yours and ours. We want to be part of something bigger. Don't you?






  • It's a general application option for the positions that can be opened in a time. If there is no other position that is appealing your attention, you can share your resume with this general application option.
  • We will communicate to you if there occurs a position which can be suitable with you background information and your desires.
  • (Genel başvuru amaçlı bu ilan firmamızda niteliklerinize uygun bir pozisyon oluştuğu durumda değerlendirmeye alınacaktır)
  • (Çalışmak istediğiniz alanda yayınlanan bir ilanımız yoksa, çalışmak istediğiniz bölümü veya alanı seçerek ile bu ilana başvurabilirsiniz)
  • (Yetkinlik ve tecrübeleriniz mevcut ihtiyaçlarımızla karşılaştırılıp, uygunluk durumunda sizinle irtibata geçilecektir)




  • Graduation from high scool, vocational school or two-year degree
  • Preferably have competency documents that are related to their business
  • Able to work in shift system
  • (Meslek Yüksek Okulu, Endüstri Meslek Lisesi, Teknik Lise veya düz lise mezunu)
  • (Tercihen konusunda ve/veya alanında Milli Eğitim Bakanlığı onaylı Mesleki Yeterlilik (Ustalık / Kalfalık / Forklift / İşyeri Açma) Belgesi olan)
  • (Vardiyalı çalışabilecek)




  • Global working environment
  • Green and relaxing nature in plant campus
  • Social club activities
  • Having chance to step ahead and take ownership for the respected responsibility areas
  • Satisfying benefits
  • Work and private life balance
  • Diverse and inclusive workplace



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Dr. Oetker is an equal opportunities employer. We continuously work to shape and live a corporate culture where everyone feels welcome. At Dr. Oetker, your personality and qualifications are what count. Not gender, nationality, ethnic or social background, religion, disability, age or sexual orientation, and identity.